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REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The "Little Love" Shelf After pic!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Little Love” Shelf!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Little Love” Shelf! Here is the story of the “Little Love” shelf:’s Mom found this piece at a little antique shop up in the mountains, and immediately fell in love with it! It’s easy to see why…This shelf has tons of character & lots of love! 4 heart cutouts accent [...]

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! "Have a LITTLE Heart" Folding Patio Chair!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “Have a Little Heart” Patio Chair!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Have A Little Heart” Folding Patio Chair Hand-Painted with love by Let’s talk about a trooper. Check out what this chair has been through:   This chair has lived with me in 3 different states, 2 different decades, countless homes, countless weather conditions, inside, outside, desk chair, folded up occasional [...]

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! "Pretty In Pink" Bookcase!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “Pretty In Pink” Bookcase!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “Pretty In Pink” Bookcase This bookcase moved in when my boyfriend moved in…and it was the bookcase he had kept since about 5th grade…we have all been guilty of having one of these in the house at one point or another…the boring, wood, rounded edge bookshelf (80s era I believe?) that we cover [...]

Mini Jelly Jar Aromatherapy Scented Soy Wax Candles by!

SOY WAX CANDLES by! NEW Aromatherapy Mini Mason Jar Candles!

SOY WAX CANDLES by! NEW Aromatherapy Mini Mason Jar Candles! As it dawned on us that Soy Wax Candles are NOT a thing of the past, but have only just begun…we thought it may be a good idea to make some sample-size candles! Being that we wanted to keep with our current jar-style [...]

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! "Brass Monkey" Nightstand. $225 (+Shipping/Delivery Fees)

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “Brass Monkey” Retro Green Nightstand!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Brass Monkey”  Nightstand When I found this nightstand, I instantly had memories of my Grandparent’s house growing up…still dressed with treasures from the 50s & 60s. That type of 50s/60s style decor is what I would associate with the 80s…it was my 80s. I loved the Brass Hardware on this piece, [...]

Flowers for Amanda & Tom's wedding by & 4F!

Flowers by! Amanda & Tom’s Wedding!

FLOWERS by! Amanda & Tom’s wedding! *August 31, 2013 @ Hidden Valley Retreat & Spa in Escondido, CA   When I finally met with the bride-to-be Amanda approximately 1 week prior to her wedding, and realized the scale of this flower project, I decided I had to call in some troops…or rather 1 amazing [...]

Rustic BarnYard Style WindChime by!

“Rustic BarnYard Style” WindChimes by!

RUSTIC BARNYARD STYLE WINDCHIMES by! It’s probably not too hard to imagine how these darling WindChimes came about! The SeaShell WindChimes led our imaginations astray… Being that my parents live on a ranch, there are many things Rusty, BarnYard-y, etc… And so, the Rustic BarnYard WindChime was born:   There are bells, hearts, snowflakes, [...]

SeaShell WindChime by!

UpCycled SeaShell WindChimes by!

SeaShell WindChimes by! UpCycled Decor for your Home & Garden! Being that I live near the ocean, and my Mother recently started spending half of her year by the ocean as well, seashells are something that we both happen to love! Long walks on the beach lend to collecting your favorite shells, and for [...]

Aromatherapy Scented "Shorty Pint Series" Candles by!

SOY WAX CANDLES by! Aromatherapy Shorty Pint Series!

SOY WAX CANDLES by! …and I bring you the “Shorty Pint” series…I LOVE LOVE LOVE these squatty little pint-sized Mason Jars! Pick from these 4 of our New & A-MAZING Aromatherapy Scented Shorty-Pint candles: 1. “Ocean Mist” Scent: Beachy, Refreshing, and UpLifting! (Imagine sitting sea-side in a hammock soaking in the salty air, sand, surf, [...]

"Ocean Mist" Aromatherapy Scented Soy Wax Candle by jillagain! Hand-Poured into a Blue Pint-Size Mason Jar topped with a Star-Cut Rusty Tin Lid.

SOY WAX CANDLES by jillagain: The New Blue Pint-Sized Mason Jar Series!

SOY WAX CANDLES by! …more candle-making from the Ranch! We so LOVE these new Blue Mason Jar Candles w/Rusty Tin Lids! We hope you do too! **(Click on the image to purchase directly from our Etsy site!)