REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “May Flowers” Coffee Table!

May Flowers with Flowers!

May Flowers Coffee Table“MAY FLOWERS” Coffee Table



When I saw the adorable little metal flowers and caster wheeled feet on this coffee table, I knew I had to refinish her!


May Flowers Detail

I wanted to use a color that would make the original antique metal fixtures really pop, so I decided on a light lilac-y shade…it’s kind of a cross between a light purple & a light’s very subtle & uplifting. (It’s not a bright color, and it would blend easily with many other colors!)

May Flowers with Flowers!

From the way the table looked in it’s original state, I also knew I wanted to opt to let a lot of the original wood grain show through & create some contrast to help the metal fixtures really stand out. So, I gave it a pretty extreme “antiqued” looking finish on the legs, and then did a light crackle on top, combining the lilac color with a natural white.

May Flowers Crackle

This table is coffee table height, and could easily live indoors or outdoors!

(However, if you want to use it as an outdoor table, I would strongly suggest somewhere that is covered to resist rust on the metal fixtures, or to keep it covered when not in use. Also, please let me know ahead of time if you plan to use it as an outdoor table so that I can add an additional coat or two of sealant to the top to resist weathering.)

DIMENSIONS: 44″ wide x 22″ long x 15 1/2″ tall

I absolutely adore this table. I think she turned out beautiful, rustic, and charming. I hope you do too!


jillagain xo

 May Flowers Table AFTER 12


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