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Secret Garden Chair

The “Secret Garden” Chair ~ REFINISHED FURNITURE by!

  REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Secret Garden” Chair Hand-Painted with a Metallic “Hammered” style paint, this chair has a rustic, vintage feel. The fresh, fun fabric on the seat & back cushions keeps the chair young at heart! The floral fabric in shades of green, blue & yellow match perfectly with our “Summer Love” chair. (The [...]

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The "Little Love" Shelf After pic!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Little Love” Shelf!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Little Love” Shelf! Here is the story of the “Little Love” shelf:’s Mom found this piece at a little antique shop up in the mountains, and immediately fell in love with it! It’s easy to see why…This shelf has tons of character & lots of love! 4 heart cutouts accent [...]

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! "Have a LITTLE Heart" Folding Patio Chair!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! “Have a Little Heart” Patio Chair!

REFINISHED FURNITURE by! The “Have A Little Heart” Folding Patio Chair Hand-Painted with love by Let’s talk about a trooper. Check out what this chair has been through:   This chair has lived with me in 3 different states, 2 different decades, countless homes, countless weather conditions, inside, outside, desk chair, folded up occasional [...]